Friday, October 10, 2014

Lime Green Gaming Set

Even though I'm getting big enough that moons are going to start orbiting around me (35 weeks pregnant, only 5 more weeks to go...) I have been working on a lime green gaming set, and it's now available for offers.
It's been a challenge since I can barely sit at my desk already, and my 20 month old has decided she MUST sit on my lap and "work" with me at all times.  This limits my work time to naps, after she goes to bed, and whenever I can sneak in my office while she plays with daddy.  On top of that, my husband has been out on his US Coast Guard cutter the Paul Clark for much of the last month. Glad to finally have him home for the moment, and this all means tack making might be sparse the rest of the year. Here is the link to the MH$P listing:Listing on MH$P