Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Update

After the mad dash getting things out before NAN and Breyerfest, I've finally started hacking away at my wait list again at a decent pace.  Now the mad dash includes some items that will appear at The Jennifer Show, and I really really wish I was going! I made some carved breast collars back in May that will be awarded as Other, English, and Western performance champions. I hope their new owners like them!

Now I'm working away at commission pieces, and a fair few will be at the Jennifer Show next month.  It will be fun to see some of my things in the show ring (take lots of photos, you guys!) along with all the other top notch pieces that will make up this amazing show.  The amount of talent and the prize/donation list is astounding, check out the Braymere Custom Saddlery Blog for photos and more information on all the loot!

In June, I completed this lime green gaming saddle for Jennifer Buxton:

I also completed this white trick riding set for Tiffany Purdy:

And this "Parelli"style saddle for a customer abroad:

I also made a dressage saddle set to fit the beautiful new Valegro mold:

I also made a pink gaming set:

I made this 1:12 scale 1900's style saddle as a commission for someone who is going to display it in her doll house:
It's been ages since I've made a classic scale set, but I really like how this one turned out!

Some commission pieces I'm keeping under my hat until their reveal at The Jennifer Show, but I'll share this little project:

Speaking of dogs, we are getting a rescue puppy on Sunday, eleven weeks old! Meet Callie:

No word yet on how our old dog Sadie will take to the news, but my girls sure are excited!

I also made a large batch of boots and a few pads for the Etsy store, and the September batch will have new goodies (fringed breast collars, and more)! Gotta pay for the puppy gear!