Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Studio Update

If one thing can be counted on, it's that life happens.  I've had a lot of inquiries about more saddle stands, and I wanted to give everyone an update.  I was planning on making a large batch this month, but the stomach flu, family visiting, and beautiful weather out on the trails have postponed things in the studio a bit.  I'm planning on making a dozen or so by early May, so please be patient with me :) Come June, it'll be so hot and muggy around here I'll be forced to spend more time at my desk, I promise! 
I've recently gotten back in the saddle, leasing a wonderful Quarter Horse gelding named Jasper at a local barn.  Rylie even got to go for a little ride last week.  
Soon they will both be old enough to ride, and days at the barn won't require childcare arrangements, I can hardly wait.