Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The "Not Going to Breyerfest" Sale

I have yet to attend Breyerfest... The year I was going to go when I was about 11, I ended up on crutches instead.  As an adult I have been unable to go for one reason or another, and I am forced to live vicariously through all of those who get to attend.

I loved LOVED watching Jennifer Buxton from the Braymere Custom Saddlery blog get to go for the first time last year, and was very grateful that she offered to take some of my tack along with her to sell.  She made me the same offer this year, and I was inspired to make a batch of saddle pads to send with her.  I was so sad for her when she announced last week she couldn't go after all, and I'm once again inspired to make my "Not Going to Breyerfest" saddle pad sale a bit more interesting.  $1 of every pad sold from now until Breyerfest, will go to Jennifer as a thank you.  They can be purchased for $7.50 in my RF TACK ETSY STORE

Friday, June 15, 2018

Lizz the Apprentice

Last year, as I started making more and more custom horse halters, my friend Lizz from the barn started helping me out with things in the studio.  Here she is with her Paso "Ticki Ticki": 

She also has a baby goat named Clover:

In January she joined the exclusive "Pony Club" at the barn when she rescued "Pastry"

(Blue Halter by Lizz)

Not many 15-year-olds have three mouths to feed, and Lizz is always eager for work.  Starting with sewing nose bands, she was a sponge for knowledge and eagerly dove in with learning the other aspects of the process. She's worked hard honing her skills carving, painting, and tooling.  A year later, here is a halter she made from start to finish for our friend Hali's horse Blazer:

She also recently made and designed this one for our barn friend Chico:

A few months ago, she embarked on her first model horse tack project.  I'm confident that the result puts most of us tack makers' "first" saddle sets to shame. 

She started with a Rio Rondo pattern as a base, but made it her own, making the bridle and breast collar patterns from scratch.  

This set features things that are found on seasoned tack maker's sets, including:

-Adjustable Swinging Fenders
-Tongue Buckles & Cast Buckles on Headstall
-Hand Carved and Painted Petite Tooling Calfskin
-Custom Iridescent Conchos
-Fringe Breast Collar
-Hand Woven Cinch with D-Rings 

So much attention to detail, I would be proud to use this in my performance setups!

Lizz is offering this set for sale, you can make an offer by emailing me at r.f.tack@gmail.com 

Starting Offer: $150.00