Sunday, October 25, 2015

Haunted Horses Show Report

Yesterday I attended the Haunted Horses model horse show in Orlando, FL, and brought along a friend to corrupt into the hobby.  She's only twelve, but came come with a 1st place ribbon along with others (including a 5th in open performance western pleasure!).  It was a great day for my ponies, as well.  My new performance resin NAN'd every time out, couldn't be happier! Haunted horses has one performance division, and RF Indie Rocker took home the overall Reserve Championship.  I threw a few horses into halter classes as the day went on, but it was a bit crazy trying to show in the divisions all at once while also helping out a first timer.  It was worth it, she's hooked!  I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to make myself a new English saddle set, so I was thrilled to snag a 2010 Jennifer Buxton set that just needed a little loving care last week!  The construction on the set is amazing, and after a little conditioning, a new fitted pad, and some gum tragacanth, the set looked brand new! Now if I could only manage to make sure the doll was straight! Oh well, I have only recently started showing with dolls, I'll get the hang of it eventually.  

Jazmine's show string I've helped her get started:

 I made a flash noseband that attaches with sticky wax for a quick cross country setup, along with a quilted pad, and brush boots.

 Jazmine's first tack set/show/performance class!

 RF Indie Rocker was rollin' in the ribbons yesterday, NAN'd every time out!

 My Other Performance entry: Getting the mail! Yes, I made a mini JAH!

 My Elk Hunting setup!

 Becky won a Ballou, and Emma took home FIVE raffle models!

 One of the horses I managed to toss in her halter class:

What a great show day! Now on to list things before moving to the next commission: boots, saddle racks, and a gaming set!