Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Last week, I got my much anticipated Jennifer Buxton Saddle set.  So, today I finally got a chance to tack up Mighty Purdy for a few pictures.
It did not disappoint.  

 The detail and ease of use is amazing, thank you Jennifer!
 This week has been full of tack making, including this little kid pink saddle going to Tiffany Purdy.  So even though she's had to see the pink tack trend on Jennifer's blog, she's got a cute little kid saddle and pink rope halter on the way.

 At last, I have found a solution to my desire for pads in endless designs. 

I will be stocking these in my Etsy store, and I can't wait make more, oh the endless possibilities! 


  1. I use printable fabric, too! Once I figured it out, it was such a fabulous resource.

  2. I'm about to but a 1.9 scale brayer horse amd I was looking for a barrel saddle and a.einglish jump saddle do uou have anything for what I'm looking for I have seen your stuff on pintrust for about 3yrs bit I finely would like to buy a saddle