Monday, July 29, 2019

How to Tie a Mecate onto Slobber Straps

I offer these custom slobber straps in my Etsy Store and thought I'd make a short tutorial on how to tie them.

Start off by tying the RIGHT side slobber strap (with the text horizontal to the ground, the text reading left to right)

Start by threading the end of the mecate (23' yacht rope with poppers) from the inside of the strap to the outside.

Pull it through enough to leave yourself about six inches of tail.

Take the tail up and behind the strap, then come down to form a knot.

Now on to the left strap.  This strap gets threaded from inside to outside just like the other, except you're going to slide it down about 12 feet down the rope, give or take depending on how long you'd like your rein loop.

Then pinch the strap ends together.
Twist a loop, with the tail (lead end with popper) underneath. 
Tighten it around the slobber strap.

Hoping this guide is helpful! Thank you to all of my customers for their continued support!


  1. Those are beautiful. I have some slobber straps but I am interested in getting some personalized ones. Those are stunning. I am wondering if I have one can you personalize it or do I have to buy all new?

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