Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

As many of you know, I currently live outside Miami in the city of Davie, 10 miles from the ocean. With hurricane Matthew bearing down on us, most of my week was scary stressful. I was prepared with food and water, but we don't have a generator, and Rob was out to sea.  Tuesday morning the shutters went up, packed, and I stopped by the barn to get all my tack, pamper Jasper, and enjoyed the lovely weather with my girls.
When I tried to get gas on my way home, the stations were mobbed, and several stations where out completely.  I finally filled my tank, and hit the road to go North with both little girls, and two dogs.

 About two and half hours down the road, I didn't like what I was hearing on the news. Our county was under a hurricane watch, and it was possibly hitting the East side, too.  I had a chance to talk to Rob, and he asked me to go down to Key West instead.  So, 10 hours later, I arrived at the Navy base only to find out my dependent ID had expired, plan B.  Found a hotel, and at 2am, finally turned in for the night. I might have had a few breakdowns in between.  4 hours of sleep later, I woke up to see this beautiful sight.
A new day.  Rob met me there, we got a new ID, checked into the Navy Lodge, and had an impromptu, much needed, vacation in Key West for two days.
We didn't partake in water activities, but we had great conch fritters, visited the Key West Light House (no pictures from when we climbed the top because I'm terrified of heights, NEVER AGAIN ROB)

And we also checked out the Hemmingway House, populated by the 6 toed cats (they look like little mittens!)

We also enjoyed a few great meals.
 I was also able to finish sewing the two halters I brought in the hotel room, can't wait to send them off to their new home.
Today I came home to find our house just the way I left it, and had a smooth drive back. I'm very grateful that Matthew decided to take a 10 mile jig out East, instead of West, otherwise that wouldn't have been the case.  Feeling blessed and also heartbroken for those up North of us that weren't as lucky. Praying this storm dies quickly, and doesn't come back for another pass. 


  1. Thanks for the news, glad to hear all this. Congrats on having a mini vacation -- we're big believers in those. My husb is afraid of heights too (yet he once flew gliders). We canoe now.

  2. We used to ski when we lived in Washington, and my feet would ache on the lifts, my body is afraid of heights, lol.