Tuesday, July 15, 2014

RF Tack Gaming Sets - Saddle Blankets

The color accented gaming sets I make generate more excitement than anything else I post on my page, and each one is unique.  Balancing color on a set so it doesn't look "tacky" (excuse the pun) while still achieving a wow factor can be a challenge. I really important part of it is the saddle blanket. I love to search images of real tack, and experiment with different methods of bringing it to life in miniature.  Here is a photo of my first ever color accented gaming set, that was a commission based on the customer's real life saddle.  A good reference photo is key!
Another first in this set was the pad, which I had a good reference photo for.  I got to put my sewing skills to the test, and the result was a good mini version of what I set out to replicate.  I took a small piece of the green leather to a fabric store and matched it to a quilting square so the lime greens match perfectly. Nothing like having two versions of one color that clash to distract you from admiring a set! Making a pattern for the saddle pad, I sewed the edges (inside out) leaving a place to turn it (always on a straight edge to make it easier), and then used a black accent thread to "quilt" it onto felt.  I sewed it onto a larger piece of felt and then trimmed it down to fix exactly.  The wear leathers and corner pieces are glued on with tacky glue (great for fabrics!).  Here is a similar pad I made with different colors.
I have made other gaming pads, here are a few photos:
These have matching thread designs:

 This one is simple but clean:
 This one doesn't have any corresponding color, but is an authentic pad you would see gaming. The cutback withers make it ideal for models like Ruffian.  I used zigzag scissors on the edges, and rounded the tips for a scalloped look. I also made a pink pad with the set before mailing it to its new home.
Well there you have it, a little collection of the gaming pads I've made, and a little on how I make them. Now back to moving chores....


  1. Thank you for the tips! I love your color selections.

  2. Do you write down your measurings?

  3. I am just getting into making western saddles for models...what should I expect for a price on them? What do you charge?

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