Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Figures that NAN 2015 would be in CA...

I've made about fifteen saddle sets this year, and many other tack projects that I've thoroughly enjoyed (except those few frustrating "why can't I get this right" moments), but I'm packing up my studio for a whole month.  The reason for this? We are a military family, and my husband's career in the US Coast Guard has meant many adventures moving.  This time we are moving from Rohnert Park,CA to the Miami, FL area. That's right. The year that NAN is finally on the West Coast, and we are moving to Florida. The movers are picking up our things next week, and I will get to start making tack again whenever they can deliver our things to the new house (which we don't have lined up yet, of course).  So what am I going to do for my tack making fix the rest of the summer? Well, I thought I would update this blog with some tack making how to's and other ramblings related to the model horse hobby.  Since this is my first post in many years, I'm going to share some of my favorite photos of my past tack projects.

First up, a lime green gaming set. I love working with color, it gives me so many opportunities for creativity!
 Next, a youth sized roper set.
 Here is the reference photo:
I use tooling leather cut in strips and then skived down for all my bridles, it not only has a smoother grain and finish than lace, but it's SUPER easy to put the straps into the keepers! No more fuzzy edges, and it's much stronger for how thick it is, meaning you can crank down that nose band without fear!
 Halters: It's almost impossible to make a halter fit a horse correctly without it being custom made for a specific model, so I rarely make them for auction.  I love to get orders for them, and this order for a Phoenix resin turned out beautifully!
 This set was a commission, and very different from any bridle I've made before. I love making new patterns! Don't be afraid to make a pattern, it becomes much easier with practice!
 This English set was my last project I could squeeze in before our move, and I'm tempted to keep it! It's a really nice Hunter/Jumper set, I'm thinking I'm going to make a 5-point breast plate for a X-country set up.