Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sharing the Hobby

Most of the people who learn I make tack for model horses have a hard time believing there is a whole community of hobbyists who share a love of tiny tack and collecting model horses.  Countless kids collect and treasure their Breyers, but not many of them are even aware of the model horse collecting community, especially if they have never attended Breyerfest.  Sharing the hobby with others is one of the biggest reasons I started this blog, and I was delighted to get a phone call from Linda Waller at The Horse Collaborative asking for more information to write an article about my tack and the hobby.  The story can be found by clicking here.
It makes me so happy when I see the response from people who have little to no knowledge of our hobby show interest in what we love. I hope the article encourages more to get involved, and fall in love with the model horse world, as so many of us already have.

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