Monday, January 9, 2017

Australian Light Horse Set - Part 2

Making the Australian Light Horse set also required me to get creative and make some items more rarely seen in the model horse world.  Swords, scabbards, rifles, and unique saddle bags. Starting with the sword, I started with the handle. I carved it from some hard craft wood, and shaped some tin coated steel sheet metal drilling a hole with a #60 drill bit into the metal and wood in preparation for my tiny screw and washer.

 I made the shaft of the sword from a piece of aluminum tubing, crimped and sanded to fit the correct shape.  I also drilled a slot into the wood for secure fastening.
 I fit it into some 1/8" brass tubing for a scabbard. I added two brass rings at the top (once piece with two loops on either end), to prevent it from sliding through the scabbard frog on the horse shoe case, by making a slot in the back for the piece to fit into.
 Next was the rifle...
More aluminum tubing...
 I also made a pair of "wallet" saddle bags..

 Makes me want to go riding...