Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I can't contain my excitement! I was commissioned by Breyer this year to make a barrel racing saddle set, and after months of waiting, I'm so excited to see the final product!
Photo on Breyer's Website

 Here are the prototypes I made for the creation of this set:

I can't wait to buy one of these at my local tack store! It looks like Breyer's version is really close to the original, and I'm so excited to see it in person!


  1. Congratulations and hurray! The saddles are wonderful, and I, too, look forward to seeing them on the shelves of my local tack store!


  2. WOW, congratulations. It looks awesome. looking forward to seeing it at my local tack store.

  3. Congratulations!! When I first saw this set I wondered if it had been designed by you. :) I LOVE how Breyer's been commissioning tack makers, that's so exciting!! :D

  4. Breyer tried to commission me in 1983. I can still remember how torn I felt about it - I finally turned them down. I'm so glad times have changed and other tackmakers are doing so well with this! Your set looks smashing. Congratulations!

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  6. I LOVE this! The detail is just AMAZING, you are so good at what you do!
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