Sunday, January 15, 2017

Custom Halters & Horse Love

As many of you know, I started making custom horse halters in 2016.  The first one was for my horse love, Jasper. I lease him, and he's got to be one of the best horses I've ridden, period.  He's filled a whole that hasn't really been filled since my paint gelding died in 2012.

I recently made him another fancy halter, and thanks to my father-in-law (I never have enough hands to bring my camera AND the kids), I have a great photo of him with my eldest sporting his new one:
This photo makes my heart melt.

The halters have been a joy to see on the ponies at my barn, so much of what I normally make gets shipped and I never see it again.  I am selling them in my Etsy store now.
I sold enough over Black Friday/Christmas, that I decided to let my creative juices flow a bit more and make some variations. "Magic" is a beautiful black horse at the barn that has become a favorite model of mine:

I also picked on him to model the new sports team halters.  I'm from Seattle in case you couldn't tell, so here's the 12th "horse":

 I took these with my 50mm, and I couldn't get far enough away from him to take the picture before he would walk right back up to me, such a love.
 I made this halter for a friend of a friend at the barn, who has a beautiful dun, and really love the basket weave with rivets.  I just bought some turquoise rivets I'm excited to try, too!
 I also made this custom "rebel" style halter for my friend Melissa at my barn.
 Ticki Ticki is a down to earth little Peruvian Paso buckskin mare at my barn, who also got an updated halter with some bling.
 Most horses at my barn have them now, and I love riding up ahead to take photos like this, all four horses have RF Tack halters on!
Just in case you need a reason to visit Florida in January, it's 75 degrees everyday and sunny.  Perfect riding weather:
 The only things we love more than the weather around here are our horses.

I am writing this down so you can all remind me in July that this is still a good place to live, when it's 95 degrees with 95% humidity. 

Sebastian just moved here from Washington, and while he's enjoying the winter, I'm not sure how this big black Clydesdale is going to like our Summer. 

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